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Chapman/Leonard Hosts New Product Showcase

Story by Scott Essman | June 11, 2018

Presiding over Chapman/Leonard's new product showcase, the company's marketing manager, Nichole Huenergardt, hosted a full day of events, demonstrations, and activities for a full house on their North Hollywood lot, including a dramatic recreation from the stage show Grease, presented in order to actuate a Steadicam walk-off platform and other equipment.

Huenergardt might be proudest of Chapman/Leonard's new 50-foot Hydrascope with a Maverick 50 mobile base, a particularly impressive camera crane with a compact base. "That's our newest addition to the Hydrascope family; in case you didn’t know the Hydrascope is an Academy Award-winning product this year at the Sci-Tech Awards,” said Huenergardt. “One of the newest features is that it's cable-less; it can go wireless."

Additionally, Chapman/Leonard's outside operations manager, Charles Huenergardt, Nichole’s brother, was integral in the acquisition of SpaceCam Systems, a wireless system which includes Maximus 7, SpaceCam's new remote stabilized head for camera car, crane, boat, helicopter, track, cable rig and studio work. "The column can go up and down from far away, so you don't need a technician or an operator; if you're doing a full stunt scene and want safety for example it's a great product," Nichole Huenergardt explained. "For sports, like tennis matches, for example, you don't have to be in the sun; you can be in a tent. We're trying to bring more innovation to the industry and keep up with the equipment. The new products that are lighter we're trying to give more option for camera movement."

Other highlights of the day's events included cinematographer Dean Cundey discussing how he shot Jurassic Park with on-set practical dinosaur effects plus allowances for the eventual additions of visual effects. "It's really interesting to see what directors of photography can bring into a film to really add to a scene with the director," said Huenergardt at the conclusion of the 2018 Chapman/Leonard proceedings of their 53rd year as a leading vendor in the industry.

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