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Biutiful Supervising Sound Editor Martín Hernández Joins Soundelux


Martín Hernández has joined Soundelux.

Supervising sound editor/sound designer Martín Hernández, whose credits include Biutiful, Into the Wild and Babel, has joined Soundelux. One of the most accomplished sound editors in Latin America, and one of few to successfully cross over to mainstream films, Hernández will be based at Soundelux’s facility in Hollywood.

“Martín is an exceptional artist who has accumulated an impressive body of work in collaboration with some of today’s most notable filmmakers,” said CSS Studios president Robert Rosenthal. “We are extremely pleased to welcome him to Soundelux and the CSS Studios family.”

Hernández said that he was impressed by CSS Studios’ commitment to quality and exclusive focus on sound. “I have many friends at CSS Studios and know that it is a very good company, and very supportive of its talent,” Hernández said. “Coming here creates an opportunity for me to expand my resume, reach new markets, and, also, continue to apply my experience for Latin American clients.”

Hernández grew up in Mexico City and studied communications at Universidad Iberoamericana, where he met the future director Alejandro González Iñárritu. The pair later worked together at the eclectic, Mexican radio station WFM, an experience Hernández describes as crucial to his later success in movie sound. Hernández followed Iñárritu into the film business, serving as supervising sound editor for the director’s first film, Amores Perros. He has since worked with Iñárritu on three more films, most recently Biutiful.

“To me, the basics of sound concept or design are made with a few key props and a microphone, then comes the editorial process,” observed Hernández. “Foley and effects are things we inherited from the radio.”

Hernández has collaborated with several other Latin American directors, including Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth). He also worked with Sean Penn on Into the Wild. He has twice been nominated for BAFTA Awards for best sound (for Pan’s Labyrinth and Babel) and is a two-time winner of Golden Reel Awards from the Motion Picture Sound Editors (for Pan’s Labyrinth and City of God).

“Each movie requires a new sound approach as each director has a unique vision of his film. This is a journey,” Hernández said. “And now that I’m at Soundelux – home to so many names I admire or have worked with – this discovery process will be fuller and more enjoyable because this business is all about collaboration.”

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