Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Park Road Post Invests in Mistika


New Zealand-based post facility, Park Road Post Production has purchased four additional SGO Mistika 4K systems for the Weta Group – enhancing its existing stereoscopic 3D production pipeline to meet the demands of their upcoming stereo 3D work. Last September, the facility purchased two Mistika 4K workstations.

Owing to Mistika’s open and configurable architecture, real-time capability, advanced toolsets and workflows, Mistika now plays an integral role throughout the entire stereo 3D production pipeline at Park Road including producing dailies rushes for editorial, finishing and grading. The relationship with the development team at SGO was also a key factor in deciding to deploy Mistika across the Weta Group.

“With SGO as part of the team we have been able to create a completely integrated solution from rushes through to final DI, which offers the highest possible levels of quality, speed and flexibility,” explained Phil Oatley, head of technology at Park Road Post. “Metadata is the heart of our operation and Mistika’s open architecture has allowed us to deliver an incredible degree of automation in areas that were previously labor intensive, leaving our artists to concentrate on the most important aspects for the client – the best looking images and timely delivery.”

“We have worked very closely with SGO’s development team to establish an end-to-end solution for productions, adding to the already impressive toolset within the Mistika system,” said David Hollingsworth, Park Road’s head of DI. “Using the same system for dailies, QC, screenings and through to final DI is key to our end-to-end color control and the overall quality of the finished project. We have been able to create a pipeline for feature films that previously wasn’t even on anyone’s roadmap, with Mistika at its heart, that incorporates other proprietary systems like our incredibly comprehensive asset management system.”

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