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Ravenswork Moves to New Digs in Santa Monica


Robert Feist
Ravenswork, the audio post house headed by mixer Robert Feist, has relocated to new studios situated within the facilities of Santa Monica editorial house, Lost Planet. The new site, which is in close proximity to many Westside advertising agencies, production companies and editorial houses, features state-of-the-art ProTools systems with full 5.1 mixing capabilities.

“I’ve been working with Lost Planet for more than 20 years, so this new arrangement feels very natural, comfortable and convenient,” said Feist. “I look forward to many more collaborations with their editorial team.”

Although the two companies have worked together on many projects, including recent ad campaigns for State Farm Insurance, Target and Absolut, the relationship is non-exclusive. Ravenswork continues to pursue work independently in advertising and other media.

Ravenswork’s recent work includes “Thanks” a 9/11 tribute to New York Firefighters, directed by Spike Lee for DDB and sponsored by State Farm Insurance. The spot features a unique version of the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys duet “Empire State of Mind” sung by schoolchildren.

The soundtrack blends New York’s soundscape and voices of children with the anthemic song. “The spot is about the children, the music, the city and the firefighters so I wanted the spot to feel organic and bring those elements together into a unified tapestry,” Feist said.

Music was also featured prominently in two other recent projects mixed by Feist (and edited by Hank Corwin). One is a spot promoting Beyoncé’s new album “4” and its availability through Target. The spot, directed by Melina Matsoukas (Pretty Bird) for Wieden Kennedy, opens with shots of the singer traveling the world during her recent hiatus from performing and closes with shots of her triumphant return to the stage. The other is an ad for Absolut Vodka, directed by Floria Sigismondi (Believe Media) for TBWA/Chiat Day. The spot brings together 19 artist collaborators from a variety of disciplines and documents the journey from an “Absolut Blank” white canvas to exceptional pieces of art. Artists include Adhemas Batista, Dave Kinsey, Eduardo Recife, Good Wives & Warriors, and The Octopus Project drives the spot with it’s pop electronica song “Fuguefat.”

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