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AlphaDogs Handles Color for MTV’s True Life: I’m Breaking Up With My Religion


Still from True Life: I'm Breaking Up With My Religion.
Still from True Life: I’m Breaking Up With My Religion.
AlphaDogs recently completed color correction for MTV‘s True Life: I’m Breaking Up With My Religion. Executive produced for MTV Networks by Sharon Liese, founder of Herizon Productions, and Jon Kroll of Loveable Scoundrels Productions, the show follows three young people who decide to break away from their religions and pursue other doctrines, all for very different reasons.

Kroll worked closely with AlphaDogs to complete the finish for the show. “I’ve worked with AlphaDogs before and was really happy with their work, so it was a no-brainer to work with them again,” he said. “Whenever I work with AlphaDogs, I feel like they elevate the project.”

Color correction was completed under the supervision of president and lead colorist at AlphaDogs, Terence Curren. The show was shot on location in Los Angeles, Omaha and Dallas. Color correction for most reality television shows can be challenging due to uncontrolled production environments that typically have less than optimal lighting. What complicates things further is when multiple makes of cameras are used during production. Curren explained, “It’s difficult to get footage from more than one camera to match perfectly. Creating a uniform look in color correction is essential in these type of situations if you want to avoid delivering a jarring viewing experience to your audiences.”

True Life: I’m Breaking Up With My Religion was delivered on time and within budget. Kroll said, “I will continue to use AlphaDogs services because I know I can count on them to ‘fix it in post’ no matter what happened in production,” said Kroll.

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