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Animatrik Film Design Expands Virtual Production Services with SolidTrack


LR-AnimatrikVancouver-based motion capture, previsualization and virtual cinematography studio Animatrik Film Design announced that it has acquired of the first SolidTrack system in North America in order to expand its Virtual Production service offerings. Developed in France, SolidTrack is a previs system that tracks the camera position of any camera in real time and integrates a computer graphics preview in the camera view. The system records Previs video elements with embedded time code, allowing the editor to start working on shots the same day. Among its features, SolidTrack collects valuable technical data for postproduction, such as camera tracking data, set and virtual camera positions and animations. This data can subsequently be exported in formats that are compatible with industry standard match-moving software.

“Solid Track is great addition for us,” said Brett Ineson, president of Animatrik. “It’s a perfect complement to our range of performance capture solutions we have developed for shooting on location and outdoors.”

Animatrik is also adding Ultimatte Real-time Chroma keying; Encodacam lens encoders from General Lift; and two high performance Autodesk MotionBuilder systems. The resulting system will be able to visualize CG characters, sets and props in realtime, with support for camera zooms and minimal latency while shooting live action.

“SolidTrack has been developed over many years by SolidAnim in Paris, France,” explained Isaac Partouche, CEO of SolidAnim. “The system draws on our extensive expertise in visual effects and film and our goal is to offer producers and filmmakers a new approach to film production, where they could visualize computer graphics in real-time, through the camera viewer.”

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