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Beast Adds San Francisco’s Bob Spector and Additional Barbary Post Talent


Bob Spector
Bob Spector
Beast Editorial has added of talent Bob Spector, founder and editor from San Francisco’s creative editorial boutique Barbary Post. He will join Beast immediately, along with key staff from Barbary.

Spector and Beast executive producer Jon Ettinger are upbeat about the joining of the two creative teams. “We’ve known each other for a long time, and this is a small town,” Ettinger said. “We’ve been friends for years. I think the community will benefit from the increased depth of talent at Beast and from the finishing and VFX departments that we’re growing.”

“Why not bring the strengths of the community under one roof,” Spector said. “It really is the best of both worlds and I think it will be a stronger post market now that we’ve got this happening.”

“The San Francisco market has been my primary focus since I moved here in 1989,” he said. “The best way to grow my own company was to team up with a bigger operation, like Beast. I’m looking forward working with the Beast staff and editors – a very talented group.”

Spector ran Barbary Post starting in 2006 and Bob ‘n Sheila’s Edit World from 1993 – 2003. Beast is in the process of adding a 3,000 square foot finishing and VFX department to its 500 Sansome St. location. It will continue to offer its two eQ suites for finishing and color in addition to a new Flame/Smoke/Lustre suite. Additionally Beast’s subdivision, Allied Motion Graphics, will continue to provide CGI, AfterEffects and design within the new space.

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