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Blackmagic Design Offers Free 3.1 Update to Teranex Converter Line


Users of Blackmagic Design Teranex standards converters can now remotely setup and control their Teranex 2D, 3D and Express converters from anywhere in a facility through a new Windows- and Mac OS X-based administrative software application called Teranex Setup. The software control feature is part of Blackmagic’s 3.1 update to the Teranex line available as a free download from the company website. Through an easy-to-use UI, Setup scans the network for all Teranex converters in the pipeline and takes instant control of every feature in the device, including source and output selection, proc amp, color correction, aspect ratio and audio mapping. Live video feeds can also be adjusted on the go by adjusting settings on the computer with Setup.

The new update includes a bonus for Teranex Express users that lets them manage high-frame-rate 12G-SDI connections. Teranex Express 3.1 can convert a 12G-SDI Ultra HD video feed into Quad Link 3G-SDI video. This is especially important for those creating Ultra HD content, since Quad Link 3G-SDI is used on any Ultra HD monitor with an Ultra HD image consisting of four times 1080HD SDI resolution video “tiles” that have been recombined in the monitor as an Ultra HD image. Users have the additional option to send each of the 3G-SDI feeds to individual monitors when creating video-wall Ultra HD displays from four 1080HD resolution monitors.

Blackmagic’s Teranex 3.1 SDK is also now available to developers as a download.

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