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Chainsaw Launches New Editorial Facility


Chainsaw’s new editorial facility is linked via high speed fiber to its main facility.
Chainsaw has opened a second, state-of-the-art editorial facility in Hollywood. The new 10,000 square foot facility, located on Santa Monica Boulevard near North Sycamore Avenue, two blocks from the main Chainsaw building, features 25 rooms that can function either as editorial suites or production office space and is designed to accommodate episodic and long-form television productions.

Chainsaw has experienced rapid growth over the past few years and the new facility will help it meet increasing demand. “We have been operating at 100 percent capacity all year,” said Chainsaw president Bill DeRonde. “We want to service more productions and introduce them to the Chainsaw eco-system and our unique approach to television postproduction.”

The facility features 10-foot wide hallways so that associate producer stations can be set up outside any editorial suite.
Suites at the Sycamore facility will be equipped with Avid or Final Cut editorial systems as required by individual productions. All of the rooms are linked to a central machine room and are also connected via high-speed fiber to the main Chainsaw facility, providing easy access to color grading, editorial finishing and other high-end post resources. Each room is sound-proofed and offers individual climate control. Additionally, the design of the facility includes 10-foot wide hallways so that associate producer stations can be set up directly outside any editorial suite.

The building features kitchen and client space, and is naturally lit via eight sky lights. Additionally, it offers on-site parking in a secure lot, sufficient to accommodate a large number of clients and guests.

In its aesthetic and technical design, the new facility represents the more than 30 years of experience of Chainsaw owners DeRonde and Mike Polito, both Emmy-winning editors. “We think it is the finest editorial space in Hollywood,” DeRonde said. “It’s a different approach and we think people are going to enjoy working here.”

Chainsaw’s main facility includes 70 editorial suites, as well as a variety of postproduction resources for editorial finishing, color grading, visual effects, compositing, graphics and sound. The company employs technology from Avid, Apple, Autodesk, FilmLight, Digi-Design and other leading manufacturers. In addition to American Idol and The Academy Awards, Chainsaw has recently provided postproduction services for So You Think You Can Dance, Opening Act, Shark Tank, Teen Wolf, Amazing Race and Master Chef.

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