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Crawford Media Demonstrates Web-Based Asset Management System


Crawford Media Services, an Atlanta-based postproduction and media management company, is demonstrating its web-based asset management system for the first time at NAB.

Crawford’s Media Asset Management (MAM) is an easy-to-use web-based digital asset management system. Designed for organizations of any size, Crawford’s MAM reduces costs by alleviating the client’s burden to build, host and manage their own system. Crawford’s MAM is easily customized and branded to meet the individual needs of the client, giving users quick access to their video, photos, audio, documents and artwork.

“For years organizations have struggled to manage their digital assets, so we have created an efficient, user friendly and inexpensive Web-based solution to meet a rapidly growing need and challenge,” said Steve Davis, senior vice president and COO of Crawford’s media management group. “We believe this system is a legitimate game changer for our industry.”

Crawford’s integrated services include mass migration of virtually any format and a digital archive service. The company provides the means to migrate content, and ensure that content is safe, secure and accessible.

Current clients include the United Nations, JWT, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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