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OCEAN Adds Cintel DSX and C-Reality Support


Marquise Technologies announced that its OCEAN telecine controller now supports Cintel’s DSX and C-Reality telecine family.

Transfers up to 30 fps in real time for HD, and 2K through HSDL are easily performed. All color corrections and scan effects of the telecine can be remote controlled (pre-gamma/post-gamma lift and gain, gamma control, hue, saturation and luminance isolation, etc) and are augmented by their digital counter-part in OCEAN. Optionally real-time secondary color corrections can be added, complementing the toolset with extra animatable vectors and shapes.

“Many prestigious clients of Cintel own a DSX telecine. It’s a very impressive machine in terms of features and quality. Now relying on an up-to-date telecine controller, they can continue to benefit from their initial investment,” says Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies.

The support for DSX also includes the ability to remote control Cintel’s Oliver system (dust and scratch removal tool).

Simon Clark, Cintel’s business development manager, commented, “The OCEAN system is an extremely competent telecine suite controller at an extremely competitive price. Now that Marquise Technologies have added control for the DSX, C-Reality and Rascal family of data-cine’s we can provide a solution to facilities who are having to rely on obsolete and unsupported controller systems as well as offering very powerful SD, HD and data primary and secondary color correction.”

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