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FilmLight Introduces Free Read-Only Version of Baselight Editions


LR-BaselightNUKE_AlterEgo_HopOnFilmLight announced that it is making it free to use Baselight Editions to read and render color grades. As the grade is created in the color suite, now it can be seen immediately in Avid editorial and NUKE VFX without needing to purchase a license for those systems.

Baselight Editions offer two sets of functionality. Firstly, it offers the ability to take in a Baselight Linked Grade (BLG) color file and impose it on the content in the host software, so the pictures appear with the latest grade. Secondly, it allows users to open the Baselight user interface inside the software to make adjustments to the color space and the grade. Now, in Baselight for Avid and Baselight for NUKE, the interpretation element is free. If the user needs to access the grading tools, an online upgrade process is available, or the facility can hold floating licenses on a central server which can be allocated to specific rooms as needed.

Chainsaw has relied heavily on Baselight Editions and the BLG workflow for years,” said Randy Magalski, editor, Chainsaw. “Now, with the release of the free license, this workflow is accessible in all of our Avid Media Composer bays wherever they might be, at no additional cost to us or our clients.

“Being able to leverage the work done in a relatively expensive color bay back in Media Composer makes the Baselight for Avid BLG workflow one of the best solutions we’ve seen in our facility in years,” he added.

According to Andres Kirejew, VFX supervisor of Alter Ego, “With Baselight for NUKE free-to-read licenses now installed on our farm, every compositor at Alter Ego can work with ungraded EXR linear files and finesse their work as the look of the commercial develops. We can render or just load the project without having to return to the color suite, which is a huge plus in the fast turn-around world of advertising.”

The floating license functionality means a facility can have unlimited seats of Baselight for Avid and Baselight for NUKE, allowing any user to apply, render and display Baselight grades, using the free license.

“In the case of visual effects elements with a sophisticated grade, our floating Baselight for NUKE license uniquely allows the whole grading stack, including color space transforms, to be fully deconstructed and analyzed at the compositor’s workstation,” Kirejew added. “This allows everyone the confidence to push what is creatively possible to the limit.”

The decision to offer a free read-only mode is in response to the growing interest in BLG as a color grade metadata format. Increasingly productions are using a collaborative workflow with initial grading performed on or near set, and final grading taking place in parallel with other post processes, allowing editors and effects artists to see the latest grade and make minor adjustments where necessary.

“Our customers have asked us to solve the challenge of sending parts of a job to rooms or other facilities which do not routinely need Baselight functionality,” explained Steve Chapman, CEO and co-founder of FilmLight.

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