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Light Illusion Launches SpaceMatch DCM


U.K.-based color management specialist Light Illusion announced the launch of SpaceMatch DCM – a new software application designed to guarantee color matching of PC connected displays, avoiding the problematic issues associated with the use of ICC profiles.

Prime applications for SpaceMatch DCM include matching all VFX PC displays throughout a facility, without using ICC profiles, allowing graphics programs to operate without any unwanted color issues, and matching on-set or production laptops, allowing footage to be reviewed as close as possible to the desired final look.

Linux and Mac versions of SpaceMatch DCM will follow the release of this first Windows version, and a command line capability within the application will ensure that the correct calibration LUT is always activated whenever the PC is started up.

SpaceMatch DCM is a partner system to LightSpace CMS, which is designed for high-end display calibration in the film and TV industry.

Using ICC profiles for PC display calibration can cause problems, as many graphics programs attempt to use any ICC-based display calibration as part of their internal image color management. This causes the final exported image to suffer unwanted color changes.

SpaceMatch DCM avoids these problems by directly controlling the display’s calibration via the PC graphics card, without the PC’s operating system knowing anything about the applied color management.

LightSpace CMS is used to perform the display profiling and generate the required calibration LUT. SpaceMatch DCM then applies the generated LUT to the display via the graphics card. Users can quickly switch between multiple LUTs to compare different looks or calibrations, or turn them off completely. Multiple desktop displays can be controlled individually as required.

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