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Milk Delivers VFX for Thunderbirds Are Go


Thunderbirds Are Go
Thunderbirds Are Go
London-based visual effects house Milk is working with ITV Studios as the VFX production hub for the upcoming series Thunderbirds are Go. The 26 x 30-minunte series is set to premiere on CITV and internationally this spring.

Working in close collaboration with ITV Studios, Milk has established a international visual effects workflow to bring together Weta Workshop’s live-action miniatures and Pukeko Pictures’ post viz plates, and the CGI characters and vehicles.

In order to manage 400 shots per episode over an 18-month period, Milk has created a pipeline to composite shots together and to apply the signature finished look with 2D effects. Even live-action plates with no CG are given treatment by Milk to ensure complete continuity of style throughout.

Milk has also developed key environments integral to the story including underwater, space and storm scenes and created the lighting for the CG Thunderbirds vehicles.

Milk is working closely with series director David Scott to achieve the iconic look of the new series – to bring a filmic feel with heavy grain and shallow depth of field. Milk’s brief was to create the illusion that the CG is indistinguishable from live action, keeping a strong visual link to the classic series yet imparting a digital feel.

“The challenge of pulling together a vast amount of data on an international scale, within a tight schedule called for a unique workflow solution,” said Will Cohen, Milk’s CEO and executive producer. “In collaborating with everyone involved we have been able to make that happen.”

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