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MTI Film Opens Cortex::Convey Render Engine with XML API


LR-CortexAPI-emailLR-CortexAPIMTI Film announced that it has published an XML API for its popular transcoding engine Convey. Based on the software in MTI Film’s dailies processing system Cortex v 1.2, released at NAB 2013, the API can be used to create custom-automation and cross-application integrations for transcoding all Cortex-supported formats.

The XML API can be used to define image and audio processing parameters available in Cortex. Image processing features include resizing, color-space conversions, color correction and 3D LUTs as well as custom text, timecode and other metadata burn-ins. Audio processing features include the ability to mix and map audio channels and define offsets from the start of associated pictures. Clips can be trimmed with in- and out-points or spliced to form a continuous sequence in XML.

MTI Film first introduced a standalone transcoding application last year with the release of Cortex v 1.0. “Cortex generated a lot of positive feedback for the simplicity of its GUI as well as the speed and quality of its transcoding,” said Belinda Merritt, MTI’s director of international business development. “Our customers began to consider how else they might use it. Developers, in particular, wanted to apply its transcoding power to their apps.”

Cortex applications feature UIs that are fine-tuned for certain use cases. “When more technically inclined users wanted the ability to further leverage Cortex::Convey, we pointed them to our existing API,” explained David McClure, vice president of product development. “Since then, we have further developed the product to ensure its stability. The same API is included in our Cortex products, so it supports the same features and performance.”

Beginning with v 1.2, the XML API will ship standard with any seat of Cortex::Convey or Cortex::Control Dailies.

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