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Spatial View Selects SGO’s Mistika for Stereo 3D Post


SGO announced that Spatial View, a stereo 3D pioneer in content creation and auto-stereoscopic display technologies, has exclusively chosen SGO’s Mistika, to prepare stereo 3D content for 3DeeCentral – an online source of stereo 3D content for PCs, mobile and internet connected devices. Spatial View provides software, services and devices for the creation, adaptation, and viewing of stereo 3D content on a variety of platforms including the iPhone, iPod touch, mobile devices, PCs and internet connected devices.

Spatial View has installed a stereo 3D Mistika HD system which delivers an extensive set of 2D and stereo 3D tools including color grading, parameter adjustments, image deformation correction, match grading, and geometric correction. Mistika is a high-end finishing system featuring editing, compositing and color grading. Each of these areas is seamlessly integrated into a single timeline-based interface, allowing live interaction between all functions. Mistika accepts almost any image resolution from SD to 4K and beyond, in 2D and 3D.

Ihor Petelycky, general manager of core technology and applications at Spatial View explained, “Our greatest challenge is the adaptation of HD and other high resolution video and image content for display on small screens including PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. We need to make sure that image quality and stereo 3D are optimized for each display type, and Mistika provides us with the tools to make this possible.”

Spatial View plans to use Mistika as its primary platform to automate the adaptation processes based on display characteristics. “This will give us and other Mistika customers the ability to quickly and easily re-purpose stereo 3D content for a wide variety of stereo 3D displays and maintain the high level of image quality and stereoscopic integrity customers have come to expect,” said Petelycky.

“Spatial View is one of the first companies addressing the challenges of stereo 3D content adaptation and we are proud to have an exclusive and strategic partnership with them,” said Geoff Mills, director of SGO global sales and operations. “The re-purposing of content for online and mobile delivery has become an integral part of the distribution chain for content creators, broadcasters and distributors.”

In January 2011, Spatial View launched 3DeeCentral which is an online store of stereo 3D content offering music videos, movie trailers, video shorts and images, giving proponents of 3D the ability to view images and videos at home or on the move, with their mobile device, laptop or desktop.

iPhone and iPod touch users can download the free 3DeeCentral app at the App store. Spatial View’s 3DeeSlide is an accessory that allows users of the iPhone and iPod touch to view stereo 3D content without glasses.

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