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Digieffects Bolsters Support for Editorial and VFX Community


Digieffects announced the culmination of an intensive engineering and product development initiative with the launch of Delirium v2.5, Damage v2.5 and Buena Depth Cue v2.5. With this announcement, Digieffects is now offering native Final Cut Pro support through FxPlug, Apple’s plug-in architecture. Available immediately are full support for Final Cut Pro 6, Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4 and Final Cut Express for the Delirium and Damage sets of plug-ins. Select Delirium plug-ins will also offer native support for Final Cut Pro X immediately, and the entire family will be supported shortly after release for no additional charge. Digieffects has also strengthened support for OS X Lion and Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 across its entire product line.

The new Digieffects v2.5 product line up not only provides its community of VFX artists with enhanced tools, it also provides its community of video editors with access to VFX tools that are affordable, easy to use, and accessible from within their editing applications.

“Our goal was to take a tool that was designed for VFX artists, compositors and After Effects users, and make it accessible and affordable for the editing market,” said Robert Sharp, president of Digieffects. “Ten years ago, the editor only wore one hat. Nowadays people have to wear many hats, but still an editor doesn’t want to get into a big complicated system like Maya.”

Also as a result of this initiative, Digieffects has significantly enhanced usability features for all of its plug-ins, with single installers for entire suites and automatic installation of the hundreds of popular presets. “We found that most of our customers were using presets to start at the proverbial 50-yard line, and get a head start, so they appreciate bundles of presets,” explained Sharp.

Additionally, with Delirium v2.5, which encompasses 44 VFX plug-ins, Digieffects is now offering theme-based, plug-in bundles. These bundles are organized into five effects themes, ranging from $99-$149. The bundles include such categories as Phenomenon, Color, Distort, Mood and Composite.

Delirium v2.5 is a comprehensive suite of 44 plug-ins designed for editors, visual effects and digital media artists looking to add high quality effects to their work. Damage v2.5 includes seven effects to artistically degrade footage, including Aged Film, Artifact, Blockade, Destabilizer, Interference, Overexpose and Skew. Buena Depth Cue v2.5 provides Adobe CS5.5 and After Effects artists with an innovative workflow for creating visual depth in their projects. Using composition-based effects, such as Rack Focus, Falloff Lighting or Atmosphere, digital media artists can mimic Z depth in a unique way that cannot be replicated using practical depth of field.

“The relaunch of Delirium, Damage and Buena Depth Cue represents the single largest investment in talent and resources since I acquired Digieffects four years ago,” said Sharp. “The 2.5 versions of these products are a quantum leap in technological innovation, with significant under-the-hood improvements across the board. And these new products come at a pivotal time in the industry – video editors and VFX artists are facing much change in the platforms they’ve come to rely on. We’ve redesigned our entire product line to ensure they literally slipstream into users’ editing timelines and VFX workflow – regardless of if you’re a freelancer or running a large post facility. If you’re a Final Cut Pro editor working in FCP X, FCP 6 or 7; or if you’re a Premiere Pro editor on CS5.5, you know that Digieffects plug-ins will integrate seamlessly and give you stunning results every time.”

The 2.5 versions of Delirium, Damage and Buena Depth Cue will be available on Oct. 24, and are available as free upgrades to existing customers with 2.0 versions of the software.

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