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Dilated Pixels Produces Over 60 VFX Shots For Fringe


Dilated Pixels produced over 60 VFX shots for a recent episode of Fringe.

Hollywood-based Dilated Pixels (DP) was recently called on to create over 60 VFX shots for a special episode of FOX TV’s hit series Fringe in just two and a half weeks.

For the Fringe episode entitled “The End of All Things,” Dilated Pixels digitally produced a virtual set with visuals representing the creation of the universe, as well as a series of flashback images relating to the episode’s storyline. The company developed the look for the entire episode, created intricate simulations, and composited all of its VFX shots within a greenscreen set environment.

Dilated Pixel’s in-house VFX supervisor, Derek Smith led the team on this project, while working directly with Jay Worth, VFX supervisor for Fringe.

“Creating a high volume of visual effects is never easy with a small team on a TV production schedule, especially when those effects need to represent something as abstract as the inside of a character’s mind!” said Smith. “Thankfully we had access to some very talented and dedicated artists at Dilated Pixels, and I feel that the dedication to the craft really shines through in the finished sequence.”

Derek Smith
“It’s always a risk to start with new vendors and artists in an established show because much of the time there is a learning curve as to the show’s aesthetic,” said Worth. “The team at DP got it right away and was able to deliver on a couple of very difficult concepts with exceptional results.

“For the episode ‘The End of All Things,’ I threw a bunch of new ideas for our mythology at them – going inside the mind of one of our characters, seeing galaxies, the big bang and finding an interesting visual representation to display memories is not an easy task in less then three weeks,” Worth added. “And of course the shot count went up by 50%… and the team nailed it on every front.”

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