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Quantel Releases Pablo PA


Quantel's Pablo PA is now available.

Quantel released Pablo PA, the company’s first standalone software-only product. Announced at IBC last year, Pablo PA is designed to help Quantel customers get the maximum value out of their high-end eQ, iQ or Pablo suites by handling conforms, preparation and workflow, allowing the main suite to concentrate purely on client-focused work. As a standalone system, Pablo PA also offers facilities that don’t currently own Quantel systems a low-cost way to benefit from Quantel’s post tools.

Pablo PA has all the Pablo V5 color, multi-layer timeline effects, import, export, archive and conform tools, as well as the Stereo3D toolset. It also supports RED and DPX soft mount of third-party storage for instant access to media, and will handle conform verification, RED shot selection and live debayering as well as file i/o. When work is complete, only the ‘recipe’ of what’s been done on Pablo PA needs to be transferred to the eQ, iQ or Pablo, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent moving media.

The release of Pablo PA follows a beta testing phase with a number of Quantel customers. Henrik Cednert, CTO of post house Mekaniken in Stockholm, Sweden said, “This will change and revolutionize the Quantel workflow. The possibilities are endless.”

Pablo PA is being offered on a 30 day try-before-you-buy scheme. For details via

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