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Simian Shifts Search into Overdrive


Simian SmartSearch
Simian SmartSearch
In the latest upgrade to its creative workflow and media management platform, Simian has added a global smart search tool that enables users to get the results up to 10 times faster. Simian SmartSearch includes an auto-complete feature that returns real time results instantly with as few as two keystrokes.

SmartSearch is designed to help companies search their content quickly and generate better results, no matter the size of their libraries. Users can search across a wide range of data fields associated with media files including credits, title, tags, file name, description and even the comments made on individual files. SmartSearch also enhances efficiency and flexibility when it comes to building demo reels and presentations and varying project management tasks.

“SmartSearch begins returning results when the user types as few as two characters,” Simian co-founder Brian Atton said. “They instantly begin to see the most relevant video, image and sound files. Users can select the results they want even before they finish typing.”

SmartSearch can be used to search the user’s media library and within Simian’s Reels and Projects applications. In each case, users can search by a variety of criteria and apply filters to manage the results. For example, results can be filtered by number, date or name.

“We are constantly striving to develop innovative features to help creative companies work smarter and faster,” Atton said. “SmartSearch is just the latest example. It allows companies to better access and exploit their media assets in order to improve their sales and marketing efforts and make projects run more smoothly.”

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