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The Los Angeles Film School and Language Media Extend Partnership to Produce SKEE TV


LR-The GameThe Los Angeles Film School and Language Media co-founder Scott Keeney, (also known as “DJ Skee”), are continuing their partnership to produce the second season of SKEE TV at the school.

The partnership focuses on hiring graduates to work on the production of SKEE TV, giving them valuable, real-world experience. Episodes of SKEE TV are filmed on campus, as artists perform live in the newly renovated Ivar Theatre and utilize a dedicated set built to host personal one-on-one interviews with DJ Skee’s guests.

As an extension of their education experience, current students of The Los Angeles Film School are invited to join the audience as VIPs and watch these live musical performances.

“Our continuing relationship with DJ Skee and SKEE TV is a great opportunity for our graduates to gain real-world experience working on the set of a television show, and for our current students to receive a more robust understanding of film, television and live sound production by witnessing a TV show being produced on their own campus,” said Diana Derycz-Kessler, president and CEO of The Los Angeles Film School. “This is one of the many manifestations of our commitment to our students and their careers, and DJ Skee and his top-talent guests have been great partners in helping us continue to assist them in achieving industry success.”

“The graduates of The Los Angeles Film School were a large part of the success of the first season of SKEE TV,” said Keeney. “We’re looking forward to continuing our successful partnership with The Los Angeles Film School, which includes our dedicated set on the school grounds, as well as our ongoing determination to redefine the bounds of entertainment for future creatives.”

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