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TNDV Expands Nashville Warehouse


LR-TNDV Warehouse Office_CompressedEighteen months after moving to a refurbished Brink’s armored truck warehouse in Nashville, TNDV announced that it is adding an expansion to accommodate its creative services, including a large studio space, a greenscreen area for video shoots, satellite downlink capabilities and in-house live streaming servers for live events.

The company has hired Dow Smith Company, which handled the initial project, to handle design and construction. The company will essentially build onto the initial refurbished space, adding new concrete pours, partitions, lighting and wiring.

Though still primarily known as a mobile production specialist, increasingly TNDV clients are relying on the company for fixed video production and post work, spanning multi-camera shoots, graphics, editing and multitrack audio recording among other responsibilities. The expansion will give the company’s base of 10 full-time and 20 part-time and contract employees the space and professional tools they to accelerate project turnaround.

The expansion will further enhance the capabilities of the existing space, which is built on a networked infrastructure to share data, audio and video across several offices and conference rooms. TNDV employs 4K UHD displays and recording technology across these spaces to evaluate and review projects with staff and clients; and fiber-optic tie lines to TNDV trucks to enable real-time review of media residing on video servers and ProTools systems.

The expansion is targeted for completion in early November.

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