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Therapy Hits it Out of the Park for Old Milwaukee


Jose Canseco smashes a beer can for Old Milwaukee.
Los Angeles-based Therapy Studios‘ editor Doobie White and Gifted Youth directors Ryan McNeely and Josh Martin recently delivered “The Natural” – a comical new :30 spot for Old Milwaukee, produced direct-to-client.

The spot features MLB veteran heavy-hitter Jose Canseco delivering a powerhouse swing to an Old Milwaukee Light that he pitches up to himself, dramatically smashing the full can mid-air. The campaign, which debuted during the 2012 Home Run Derby, also features three direct-to-camera :30s directed by Ryan Perez – “The Locker Room,” “The Field” and “The Stands,” edited by Therapy’s Kristin McCasey.

A Phantom camera was used for “The Natural” to capture the ultra high-speed photography. To craft the spots around the pinnacle crack of the bat hitting the can, White worked backwards in order to adjust the speed ramps, creating the most dramatic build with the time remaining between the start of the spot and that moment. Once the timing was secured, he added sound design to complete the impact of the moment.

White noted, “I wanted to make it so that you really felt the impact of him hitting the can and adding crisp, cracking sound design did just that.”

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