Tom Kenny to Host Annie Awards

Tom Kenny, the voice of the wildly successful film and television character SpongeBob SquarePants, will host this year’s 38th Annual Annie Awards on Feb. 5 at UCLA’s Royce Hall…
Often a predictor of the annual Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, the Annie Awards honor overall excellence as well as individual achievement in a total of 25 categories ranging from best feature, production design, character animation, and effects animation to storyboarding, writing, music and voice acting. […]


Director Kory Martin Juul Creates White Tiger Legend Almost Single-Handedly

Literally a one-man army, acclaimed visual effects artist, director and producer, Kory Martin Juul relied extensively on the PhaseSpace motion capture system for production on his new animated martial arts film, White Tiger Legend. Through creative use of the system, and his own martial arts training, Juul was able to capture 572 shots for the film on a tight schedule using a skeleton crew with only a shoestring budget. […]

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Annie Awards: A Celebration of Excellence in Animation

The 37th annual Annies, the awards given to excellence in animation by the International Animated Film Society/ASIFA, provided a celebratory if somewhat insular presentation at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Feb. 6. 23 achievement awards from 2009 projects were dispensed for categories including Best Animated Feature Film, for Pixar’s Up, Best Animated Television Production, for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Prep and Landing, and other awards for animation in TV commercials, Home […]


A Great Year for Animation

This year has seen a bumper crop of top-notch animated films, making the competition for the Best Animated Feature Oscar particularly interesting. The award, recognizing a genre that was long ignored by the Academy is a relative newcomer, having been instituted only in 2001. “It was certainly a pretty exceptional year for animation,” said Antran Manoogian, president of the International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood. “Often, as you get closer to […]


The Long, Slow Process of Bringing Coraline to the Screen

“It’s difficult to get funding for stop motion,” says director Henry Selick, of trying to finance his projects. That he was previously the director of modern holiday staple The Nightmare Before Christmas tells just how over-cautious—or non-available—production capital must really be. Selick was talking about raising money for Coraline, his adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel which came out earlier this year, and is enjoying a year-end bounce as “best […]