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Camp Creative Chooses ProMAX Platform for Shared Storage



Camp Creative at work on ProMax Platform
Camp Creative at work on ProMax Platform
ProMAX, provider of turnkey editorial, shared storage and asset management, announced that Camp Creative has chosen ProMAX Platform as its shared storage system. Camp Creative, a marketing and experiential event design agency serving clients in the Bay Area and across the U.S., had Platform installed to meet its creative needs in January, and the server has been running nonstop as the facility’s replacement for its aging SAN (Storage Area Network).

Introduced in November, Platform provides a modular approach to the changing needs of users. Modules can be added to the enterprise-class server as building blocks to support growing and changing demands, as required. With Platform, one flexible server brings together shared storage, asset management, archiving and transcoding.

Camp Creative implemented the ProMAX Platform with the 32TB SHARE module, which offers high-speed, expandable online backup and storage. The company’s four edit stations are connected to Platform over 10 gigabit Ethernet, and all assets and footage stored on Platform can be accessed by any edit station. Two other computers are connected to Platform via 1Gb Ethernet, and more ports are available so Camp Creative can add additional computers and laptops.

“We’re a one-stop shop from concept to completion, so the solution we chose had to be flexible enough to accommodate editorial, color correction, audio and motion graphics software, including MAXON CINEMA 4D, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop,” said Adam Planas, editor-director Camp Creative. “A number of things made Platform stand out. The system was very comparable to other players in the space, but its price point worked within our budget. ProMAX was also more responsive throughout the process. We felt really comfortable working with them, and it felt like they were answering all of our questions honestly and intelligently.”

ProMax Platform
ProMax Platform
Camp Creative also took advantage of ProMAX’s systems integration expertise.

“We had a good idea of the amount of storage and connection speeds we needed, but one of our edit stations is older and one is a new laptop with no ethernet port,” Planas said. “We told ProMAX early on about these issues, and they were very responsive and worked with us to find the best way to organize our edit stations around the system. They had a real understanding of how we worked in our agency. It’s one thing to know your product and how it’s built, and another thing to understand the nitty-gritty of how people actually use it.”

Platform currently offers three additional modules to SHARE – TRANSCODE, which manages an entire facility’s transcodes in one advanced server; DAM, which puts a complete asset management system into facility workflow, and ARCHIVE for direct backup and archive from Platform and automatic scheduled backups.

Camp Creative knows it have the flexibility to expand its storage capacity and scale up with additional Platform modules as required. “We needed an immediate replacement storage solution, so we moved forward with SHARE, but it’s great to know that Platform’s data management and archiving modules are available if we need them,” Planas said.

“Camp Creative is an outstanding agency and a great group of people to work with,” CEO of ProMAX, Jess Hartmann said. “We designed Platform to enable just such a company. The ProMAX modular approach allows them to expand as needed and add multiple functions to their server without buying more hardware.”

Camp Creative counts Cisco, Google, HP, Nissan, Visa and Zynga among its roster of top-tier clients. “We are a creative agency, so the extra bonus for us was that Platform was also the coolest-looking solution available,” Planas concluded. “It’s an aesthetically pleasing system instead of just a bunch of drives. It has not only been developed well on the software side, but on the hardware side too.”

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